Sunflower Systems® Useful Tips and Shortcuts

If you’re looking for a few time saving techniques and quick ways to enhance your effectiveness while working with Sunflower, consider the following tips:

Tracking interesting assets with Sunflower Material Management

Many organizations Sunflower works with need to closely track non-serialized yet important assets such as ammunition, biological agents and transit benefits.  These types of assets may not have unique barcode Identifiers, but these organizations still need some way of determining:

Sunflower’s Material Management functionality can handle these requirements.  Adding Stock Numbers to your Catalog entries, you can receive, issue, loan, return and assets using the Stock Numbers you’ve set up (or using barcode Identifiers if the assets have them).  Using a couple of our examples above, you can track how many boxes of bullets you’ve given an officer when he checks in at the firing range; or who you’ve issued transit benefits to and how much those benefits are worth.  If people return these, you can note how many quantities have been returned, thus ensuring you have an accurate count of on-hand materials.

Sunflower’s standard reports provide visibility into each of these transaction types, so you know who has your assets, how many they have and where they are at all times.