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Sunflower Systems® is an enterprise asset management solutions and software company specializing in the deployment of software tools and business processes to simplify asset management tasks. Sunflower's portfolio of solutions enables organizations to improve decision-making, accountability and regulatory compliance for all types of assets including personal property, real property, IT assets, materials, vehicles, weapons, and more.

Sunflower Systems® offers a wide range of services including software implementation, training, consulting and operational support. Sunflower Systems has been serving the property management needs of federal government agencies, universities, government contractors, law enforcement organizations, and national laboratories since 1997.

Sunflower Systems® is 100% owned by US citizens and over 90% of the ownership is held by US citizens with government security clearances.

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sunflower cares

Sunflower believes in helping the community. SunflowerCares was formed by a group of Sunflower employees who truly embody the spirit of helping others.