Software Services

Sunflower Systems® provides a complete range of implementation services to help you get the most out of Sunflower's enterprise asset management software. Our Solutions team follows a proven five-step methodology to deliver quality results on time and within budget.

Software Installation and Configuration
Sunflower Solutions team members work closely with our customers to get the Sunflower software up and running. Our technical experts help install the software on your servers while our functional analysts configure your new property system based on your unique business requirements. We’ll work closely with you to set up pick lists for key data elements, add additional fields to capture more information, and even help you update the names of data fields to match your current property terminology, all with simple point-and-click functionality.

Data Migration
Data migration is arguably the most important phase of a successful software implementation. Our experienced team will help you migrate the data from your current property records into Sunflower to provide a continuous chain of property accountability. We will work with you to clean up duplicate records and fix data errors so you can get the most from your historical information in Sunflower.

Software Interfaces
Property systems rarely operate in a vacuum. Sunflower's enterprise asset management software is built with the flexibility to integrate to a wide variety of upstream and downstream business systems in order to improve information sharing and reduce errors and labor associated with manual data entry. Our Solutions team can help your organization create automated software interfaces between Sunflower and leading purchasing, finance, disposal and other business systems.