Sunflower Sentry®

Manage the short-term transfer of controlled assets to authorized individuals. Leverage the power of the Sunflower Enterprise infrastructure to check-in and check-out assets such as electronic media, documents, parts, specialized tools, office equipment, weapons, and keys - and anything in between.

Sunflower Sentry® enables you to effectively manage assets that are borrowed by authorized users for a predefined period of time. Sunflower Sentry is an ideal solution for managing assets that are issued from and returned to controlled locations, such as a tool crib that loans out specialty tooling/equipment, or a controlled access library that manages accountable classified media.

Other types of assets to consider for managing with Sentry include Keys and Cores, Safes, Classified Documents, Weapons and other Security Equipment, Site Access ID Badges, and Classified Parts and Shapes.

With Sunflower Sentry®, you can:


Sunflower Sentry® Screen Shot