Sunflower PackTrak

Sunflower PackTrak is a mobile solution that facilitates the lotting of assets in the field for shipment in mass quantities. PackTrak quickly and accurately captures changes in addition to asset condition data during packing, shipping and receiving.



Sunflower PackTrak - Pack, ship and receive

Step 1
Pack Assets

First, choose your location and intended destination for shipment. Now, scan individual assets or groups of assets and place them in their respective containers.

Step 2
Ship Containers
Next, select your transportation method from an easy-to-follow selection list and "release shipment". Asset location and shipping information is delivered to Sunflower Assets on demand.
Step 3
Receive Shipments

When the containers arrive at their destination, use PackTrak to receive and verify your shipment.

Step 4
Unpack containers / assets
Now, you're ready to unpack individual assets, groups of assets or entire containers. New asset locations can now be delivered back to Sunflower Assets on demand.