Sunflower MobileTrak - The handheld barcode scanning solution

Sunflower MobileTrak improves and simplifies the physical inventory process whether enterprise assets are located in one building, across town, or across the world. The handheld scanning solution enables faster and more accurate physical inventory results. The receiving process is streamlined and increases accountability by capturing item information on a mobile device at the point of delivery. Multiple identifiers such as a linear barcode, 2-D data matrix, RFID are easily recorded.




Sunflower MobileTrak Features

Successful Physical Inventory

Conducting physical inventories with MobileTrak not only validates that the asset exists, but provides additional details including its location as well as who performed the scanning activity.

Personalized Application View

Sunflower gives you the power to change what labels and names individuals see on their screen – increasing context and understanding. Multiple view sets can be developed for multiple departments and roles, as many as needed – without ever changing or disturbing core data structures or the code that makes up the application.

Asset timeline Sunflower contains a complete historical timeline of every transaction associated with that asset. Timestamps and users show you exactly who did what and when. With Sunflower , you will always have the answer to "what transpired and who initiated the action."
Reports A complete suite of standard reports helps you manage all aspects of the asset lifecycle. Produce these web-based reports by selecting various criteria. Generate and print in a variety of formats such as HTML, Adobe Acrobat, and CSV.
Self-service pages Self-service pages extends asset management to all team members in your organization and enables complete participation in the asset management process. Based on pre-defined roles, users can now list and report on assets, request to be notified when changes occur and more - all from one easy-to-use screen.