Sunflower ExcessTrak®

Sunflower ExcessTrak® improves and simplifies excess asset tracking and management by integrating the Sunflower Assets Excess module with mobile computing solutions. Designed specifically to meet the needs of organizations who rigorously track surplus assets throughout the disposal process, ExcessTrak® enables mistake-free receiving, tracking and management of excess coupled with the power of Sunflower Assets.

What is the Excess process?

Excess, or surplus, is the process used to remove assets from an organization and selling them through an auction house or destroying them altogether. A rigorous excess process can mitigate the risks associated or triggered with asset disposal such as hazardous waste, export control technology, the unintended disclosure of trade secrets or the loss of leased property.



Sunflower ExcessTrak Features

Excess Receivable

Scan and update each asset that is moved into excess at a warehouse, a building or wherever surplus assets reside. These newly-created excess assets are then uploaded into Sunflower Assets®.

Transaction-based excess management

All transactions including transfers, movements, redeployment or sales never compromise business processes. Data integrity always remains intact. Asset information is easily transferred between mobile computers and enterprise servers using secure transfer protocols.

Excess Lot Creation Individual assets can be grouped into "lots". This information is uploaded along with individual asset data. Complete excess asset information by lots is now available without manual intervention.