Sunflower Contract Reports

Sunflower Contract Reports extends strategic benefits throughout your organization and partner network with a comprehensive solution designed to save you and your sub-contractors significant time and resources. Track assets on a contract by contract basis to better adhere to government-mandated reporting requirements. Create, modify and archive NASA or DOD-specific asset financial reports with complete accuracy. Create, generate and print Unique Item Identifiers (UII) for all government-furnished property, and when you are ready, automatically upload all UII data to the IUID Registry. Sunflower Contract Reports:


Sunflower Contract Reports Features

UII Generation Wizard & Upload to UID Registry

Easy-to-use wizards help you generate a Unique Item Identifier (UII), create a compliant 2D mark, print standard labels and upload data into the IUID Registry. Standard templates and easy-to-follow instructions help to make this tedious process a breeze. Standard XML protocols enables organizations to upload generated UII's directly to the UID Registry.

Track Assets on an Agreement-by-Agreement Basis Sunflower Contract Reports provides organizations with immediate tangible benefits. By creating electronic versions of each contract, assets can now be directly associated by their descriptions and government classifications. This eliminates manual input errors and reactive projects during reporting cycles because asset information is already included, classified and validated according to specific report conditions.
Built-in Government Report Capabilities Electronic versions of the most common government reports for asset tracking, transfer and shipping ensure seamless and accurate creation of DD 1662, NASA 1018, DD 1149 and DD 250 forms. A single touch of a button populates the correct fields and ensures accurate calculations and activity information. Built-in intelligence identifies which assets need to be marked, tagged and/or uploaded to the IUID Registry at the time a DD 1149 or DD 250 form is generated. Results are automatically tallied and the comprehensive historical record includes names, dates and times to ensure complete control during mandated audits. Reports can be printed or submitted electronically.