Sunflower Aware

Protecting Data-at-Rest

Sunflower Aware is a unique software solution that focuses on the sensitivity level of data that is likely to be on Sensitive Data Storage Devices (SDSDs). SDSDs include inexpensive devices with computer-readable memory like flash drives and external hard drives that typically are not tracked in an organization's property system. Never again will an organization have to fear the loss of sensitive data due to a lack of information to make critical security program decisions. Sunflower Aware provides IT managers with the ability to:

• Classify the sensitivity level of data on assets
• Certify that users are following appropriate policies
• Monitor that the asset is currently accounted for
• Assess the level of risk the organization has for a loss of sensitive data
• Dispose of the asset in an appropriate method to insure data protection
• Make adjustments to security policies, procedures and protection programs based on timely and accurate information

Sunflower Aware minimizes risk

Sunflower Systems offers an approach to data security that emphasizes accountability for sensitive information after it has been retrieved and stored by authorized users. Sunflower Aware is the only solution that focuses on sensitivity level classification, end-user physical accountability and disposal certification to minimize the organizational risk of a data security breach.

Sunflower Aware identifies the assets that hold the most sensitive data and reside in locations that provide the least amount of physical security. Laptops, flash drives, external hard drives and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are capable of storing large amounts of private information and are easily lost or stolen. IT managers can use this information to prioritize the implementation of encryption software and other measures on these and other devices that pose the greatest risk to mission critical data.

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