Federal Government

Sunflower Systems® is the industry leader that many of the largest federal government agencies rely on to achieve the tactical responsibilities of complying with mandated property control and accountability requirements. By leveraging a central repository of data, Sunflower Industry Solutions for Federal Agencies:

Total Asset Visibility in the Federal Government Agency Arena

Federal Agencies achieve total asset visibility through Lifecycle Asset Management, which is the process of monitoring, controlling, and accounting for all assets starting at the time that funds are obligated and continuing through until that asset is retired and disposed. Every event and status change including financial transactions, maintenance events, movement between locations, transfers to other organizations, and more, is recorded, which in turn, provides a view of all enterprise assets in context with their costs and usage.

Sunflower Industry Solutions for Federal Agencies includes the following Sunflower products. Click on each product name for more information.

Sunflower Assets®

Sunflower Analytics

Sunflower Aware

Sunflower Mobile®

Sunflower Real Property

Sunflower Sentry®

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