Government Contractors

Sunflower Industry Solutions for Government Contractors are designed specifically for organizations that hold contracts with the federal government.

When accepting government property for use on a contract, organizations are subject to regulatory requirements that have had significant recent changes. The evolving landscape provides contractors with an opportunity to streamline and improve their contract property management procedures, but also brings with it new reporting requirements and a somewhat uncertain audit future.

Sunflower Systems® is the enterprise asset management solution for both the present and the future of contract property management or government property management. The Sunflower lifecycle asset management solution provides superior customer and management reporting, ease of use, a world class technology infrastructure and the flexibility to meet changing needs and evolving requirements. The Sunflower contract property management solution is designed to support government property management including:

Lifecycle Asset Management
• Record all required data elements for government property items
• Transfer property from contract to contract, or to customers or subcontractors
• Capture transaction information and associate document references on changes to property records
• Produce financial reports such as the DD1662 and NF1018 and
• Generate and store standard forms DD250 and DD1149
• Capture information and metrics to support self assessments and customer audits

IUID Compliance
• Generate UIIs, print 2-D marks and produce files for the WAWF and the IUID Registry
• Transition from DD1662 to the IUID Registry through a built-in reconciliation spreadsheet

Conducting Physical Inventories
• Conduct physical inventories and capture information through the use of handheld scanners or spreadsheets
• Leverage activities and transactions such as maintenance and property transfers as “physical inventory by exception” incidents

Sunflower Industry Solutions for Government Contractors includes the following Sunflower products. Click on each product name for more information.

Sunflower Assets®

Sunflower Contract Reports

Sunflower Analytics

Sunflower Mobile®

Sunflower UID